Matthew 5


The Beatitudes are beautiful teachings.

"poor in spirit" means having few untoward passions.

"Meek" means those who remember Heaven and are recognize by others who recollect Heaven

"hunger and thirst for righteousness" means those who are compelled to seek the truth as a hungry person seeks food.

"pure in heart" means that one's prayers and meditations have brought God into one's heart so that one perceives God everywhere.

"the pure in heart" are the messengers of God.

Being "persecuted for righteousness' sake" means that you must live everywhere by the will of God for many in this Dark Age do not.

This and to "Go the Second Mile" are how to be peaceful in traditional spiritual teachings in that in Heaven one's body is not substantial so beings in this universe of dualistic fixations cannot harm your "body".


If one is a true messenger than one must try and demonstrate right behavior to those who have fallen from the way to return to heaven.

If someone "slaps you on the right cheek", by turning "the other to him" means that one turns into the direction of the blow and walks away, not to avoid the confrontation but to let all those involve return to relative calm and seek those in authority to resolve the situation by peaceful means ("to sue you and take away your tunic").

"let him have your cloak" means to persevere in meditation as in accomplished traditional spirituality one assume the form of Heavenly Beings (cloak) and tries to transform all worldly beings into Heavenly beings.

To accomplish the assuming the form of a Heavenly Being one must be peaceful and "Go the Second Mile" as in meditation discomfort is usually present.

In accomplishing these meditations one can truly "love your enemies" and begin to transform their untoward behavior as you pray for them.


Do not expect to truly transform few or many on earth for being perfect on earth is very difficult but "you shall be perfect, just as your Father in Heaven is perfect".

If, in your prayers and meditations one can truly assume the form of Heavenly Beings than one will surely return to Heaven for no man or men can take this Heavenly form from you. You must look after you for those who literally say you must carry their untoward burdens on your back, physically (without appropriate compensation) or mentally, are only trying to deceive you.

This is why one must meditate to "Let your light so shine before men". If you do not do this meditation in relative solitude you eventually will not be able "turn the other" cheek in adversity before men.


Note that men should not torture others so that they cannot "turn the other" cheek. If justice and security are not provided by those in authorities, than, become very cautious.



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