Hosea is a word that does not make sense in Sanskrit making Hosea a test for understanding true spirituality.

An example is Hosea 7 2:

They do not consider in their hearts
That I remember all their wickedness;
Now their own deeds have surrounded them;
They are before My face.

The first three lines describe evil people with the forth line stating that “They are before My face”. This cannot happen as the capitalized My refers to God,

No evil people ever come before the face of God. One must be absolutely pure to appear before the face of God and many Helpers surround God to ensure that anyone with the slightest amount of evil would not appear before God.

Another is Hosea 7 12:

Wherever they go, I will spread My net on them;
I will bring them down like birds of the air;
I will chastise them
According to what their congregation has heard.

God does not bring people down nor punish people. It is people own deluded awareness that brings people down or that so much evil surrounds good people that good people are harmed trying to transform evil people.


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