Ezekiel 18: False Proverb or Who will Judge?


As few can see the truth, be carefully in judging and punishing the father or the son.

I have lived in poverty and slavery all my life. I have seen people do terrible things to my parents, their children, grandchildren and so forth. Mistakes that my father made set up the conditions that causes me great difficulties but my father and family did protect and nurture me enough that I met some very excellent teachers and many good teachers that helped attain my goal of enlightenment (see Hevajra Teaching). When I told a Rabbi my story he responded with the sins of the father. It took me too long to read Ezekiel 18 and appreciate the skill of this answer.

People, in their defilements want what my skills can produce so they lie, steal and kill.

People are upgrading the electric fence to a Computerized Electronic Fence (CEF) to make the concentration work area everywhere. This is called biological engineering by people around NASA. They put concepts in my mind by some form of subliminal conditioning. I think these concepts trough and if they do not make sense I do not comment. As there are very intelligent groups around NASA they concepts are impossible to debate. These people say I am not listening when I do not comment and they cause difficulties for me that get the police involved.

People use the justification that they cannot see this CEF so it does not exists, therefore the WWII concentration work area does not now exist. A lot of Germans during WWII heard rumors of concentration work areas but it was easier not to see.

Germany made discoveries like the jet plane through concentration work areas but they could not implement the jet plane fast enough because people did not like working in a concentration work area. The management style of the Allies made them use what they had better to counter the German jet plane.

People must carefully consider the drawbacks to a CEF.

Innovation comes from God and His Helpers as spirituality, science and technology are absolutely known, not written, by these beings. My spirituality drives my innovation.

People want me to solve a very complex computer problem on security and performance with real time accuracy but IBM and many customers want to be able to soften the numbers through batch processing and an artificial time system, making the project of security and performance impossible.

I cannot do this without building a team and taking at least three years and $Billions to do this. Everything comes down to marketing and it takes $Billions to build a world wide marketing company. Bringing someone in at a high level in existing large computer companies is almost impossible. One must have the authority to fire people at all levels to maintain discipline. Science and technology resources can only do so much to solve this problems as the private sector has such huge resources to develop and implement technology.

People always provoke incidents to get ride of me or try and control me. Right now, IBM, Microsoft and Intel are putting intense pressure on me to solve this problem. They use a soft bribes of jobs in Canada to get people to do this to me. They try and get me to work illegally in the US so they can eventually use my illegal status against me. These people are going around in circles for at least the last ten years and have spent many $100Billions in the effort to solve the security performance problem.

As this is worth $Billions and $Trillions in revenue, people cannot resist the temptation from taking the project away from me to make these sums. They use the false statement that they are doing this for their children but they are not as they do not teach their children the truth of Ezekiel 18.

If you want me to do this computer project you will have to negotiate with me in a strait forward manner so I can build good and sound organizations with as much lasting influence and power as possible The money to complete the project must be on the table and verifiable. Next my compensation package must be negotiated and settled. Then I must be able to hire at least seventeen people before I can even make a business proposal. You can cancel with me at any time and we go our separate ways. I will not negotiate with myself.

National Security (including police) is not an excuse for doing this to me as National Security people do not work for free.

Demeaning, intimidating, and making me homeless for the 35 time does not work it only makes everything more difficult. Some groups keep on pushing this. They have no concept how hard and difficult this project is even without a broad based implementation. Security only can occur when people accept a level playing field in government, business and technology.


Essential Points:

People have better paper resumes and more wealth than me but no one can be innovative and program as good as me from chips to broad based corporate systems. Everything comes down to programming. Managers cannot manage the people to complete this task as they do not understand the math of science nor the math of computer languages. Talking in English does some good but one must complete the tasks at hand through programming.

No one person can do everything and a substantial broad based team is required. When you start "brain storming" in a team environment the proposed concepts change. I can perceive what must be done as a visionary and must have the management authority to maintain the focus. Build your own team with your own visionary and do not try and get me to contribute for free as that is slavery. Your high level managers do not even know what a complex number is.

Complex numbers used to be called imaginary numbers as in i = Square root of -1. In essence this is the downfall of all projects trying to solve this problem of security and performance as complex function and differential equations are involved that very few can understand and those few have a much different sense of ethics and manners. Search the web on pictures of Einstein and determine if Einstein looks and acts like most of the business and political leaders.

One second is a very long time in current processors and future processors where battles and wars are won and lost in performance and security.

Few realize the focus and determination necessary and sufficient to develop processor and computer systems. Personal and business pressures are a whole brave realm of struggles.


I do not want to work this hard in the remainder of my life but focus on spiritual endeavors.

People persecute the righteous from their own fears. The righteous try to discipline to turn people to a righteous path..

I do not care who you are, to reach complete enlightenment takes into your 60s. The Catholics have the best system for choosing a spiritual leader. You can have sound and good insights before complete enlightenment is achieved. There are other kinds of leaders besides a spiritual leader.