Current spiritual torture

Powerfull groupos are abusing technology by conditioning people withouit their approval. Conditioning involves negative reinforcement or pain. Thought patterns, dreams and memory can be influence. Relations with family, friends and groups can be influenced causing harmony or discord.

This technology is popularized in TV and movies such as the Dollhouse. The technology may not be as powerful but the technology is pervasive,

Unfortunately religious groups are influenced and sincere attendance is declining in Churches and all religions within all countries.

This is causing the wealthy and powerful to become more so and the number of people in poverty to increase.

Democratic values are being threatened worldwide and thus the chance of worldwide nuclear war is increasing.

By using this technology memory and actions can be altered as the human body is physical but ultimately memory and true behavior is stored within God and His Helpers or the Dharmadhatu. The effects of this technology are “temporary”, relatively speaking.

However, the people that control these technologies are becoming more powerful and they may not be stopped. If so they will destroy this planet.

Find good people in Churches and other spiritual places to fight this abuse of technology and people.

“Stand” together.