Crucifixion, a spiritual torture

As mention in the Christian Transformation page “Spirituality had become corrupted in Europe and the Mideast while Buddhism, along with the Jewish drive for independence challenged the traditional power structure in the region.

This challenge started crucifixion as a way of stopping new beliefs from taking root”.

Torturing on a cross is based upon the mandala. The basic mandala is a circle with spiritual beings in the eight directions and the center. As one progresses in the understanding of the mandala one can be in any of the 9 places with the central being facing east.

Facing east one can see the spiritual beings in the northeast, east and southeast. A line can connect the center to the east with another line joining the northeast and southeast forms a cross. When one meditates one can change position in the mandala and invert the mandala (center of center less space). Thus people were made to carry the cross (change positions), were nailed to the cross on the ground and the cross was stood up (inverting).

A crown of thorns was place on Jesus head as a torture for the Jewel Crown empowerment, an advanced spiritual meditation.

Nails are driven through the palms as spiritual instruments are held in the hand and the center of the palm is the flow of “energy through the palms into the instruments. Also, spiritual Mudras (jesters) are used to express meaning beyond words.

The legs were slighted bent and nailed to the cross as the eastern meditation (prayer) posture to sit cross-legged in the full lotus position.

To breathe, the person had to push with his legs and pull with their arms (stand) to breath, an ever increasing painful process. To stand in spiritual practice is to show support for someone or a belief.

Depending on how long the guards were ordered to let them suffer, the guards would break their legs so they could not pull themselves up to breath and suffocation would occur. The breath and God, Jesus or other spiritual beings in your heart is connected to this torture. The center of the cross and the heart roughly coincide

The pervasiveness of crucifixion left and indelible impression on the west so that Churches in the west use chairs or benches to sit on.

Crosses in Churches are and ever reminder of this spiritual torture.

In some ways this can be seen as a direct challenge that abusive political and spiritual power will not stop freedom to worship as one believes and chooses but it can also be a reminder of what worldly powerful people can do.