Meaning of Christ and Jesus

A Sanskrit Interpretation

Spiritual Sanskrit should be read forward and backwards and understood through study by breaking the word into syllables and rebuilding the word.

Christ: Christ appears to be one syllable yet the construct is still examined from building the word from 1, 2, 3, 4 and more syllable words. The essence of good teachings is simplicity (build from small to large).

a: compassion

e: remembering

i: loving kindness

o: addressing

u: perfection, recognized in heaven giving command

y: Universal transcending awareness

ra: to stand before; ri: set free; ar: obtain; ir: freshness

ha: meditation or prayer; hi: hasten on; ah: pervade; ih: craftsmanship

ca: oscillating movement; ci: discern; ac: to honour

sa: eternal happiness; si: to bind; su: to posses and bring forth supremacy; as: live; 

ta: all the enlightened; ti: defining characteristics (of the enlightened)

ja: victorious; je: to move; aj: drive

hri: to make ashamed through awareness of purity; confound through profound DhaRma; coming face to face with God and his helpers by meditative accomplishment

Do you see the hri in Christ?

hri and ah are seed syllables. Om mani padme hum (hri) the mantra of Avalokitesvara, the lord of compassion. The first six syllables purify, over a long period of time, the six realms (Gods, Demigods, human, animal, hungry and thirsty ghost and hell realms) of existence. Heaven, where the one true God resides is beyond these six realms.

Combined with the Heart Sutra , these are relatively simple yet very effective mantra meditations to attain enlightenment.

See Coincidental Joy

By the hri seed syllable mantra (over time) one progress to transcending worldly views and will definitely return to heaven (seventh level by perfecting skillful means). By perceiving and perfecting the mantra backwards one goes through the 14 to 18 levels and one can truly begin to benefit all beings.

The Gods and Demigods are like many dramas present, a very long life, beautiful environment but these beings will fall from these realms. Beings in the Gods realm can causes problems for humans. The meditation of cutting off thoughts (not thinking about) that beings in the Gods and Demigods realms can cause problems is beneficial and one should progress to dissolving these thoughts. Some people perceive that belief in these realms are primitive but if it is only a problem of understanding their complete belief, it is hard to see the problem of these views if one understands that the one true God is beyond these realms.


To put another letter before hri is moving toward the impossible especially when ca expresses oscillating movement. Perfection is peace or rest where movement is like an illusion. In vibrating or shaking things up it is good to remember to be careful in what one prays for as your payers may occur.

When one perfects the meditation of Avalokitesvara than hri becomes perfect and one comes face to face with God in loving kindness. This makes it difficult to perceive the wisdom in expanding Hri to form other words.

Christ has some meaning in to lift up but if one is face to face with God than one cannot be lifted further as one cannot be above God. One must lift other others by teaching and developing others in correct prayer and meditation.

If Christ were that powerful than Christ could bless someone and make that person like Himself then that person could do the same. In a mathematical progression of these Beings blessing other then the whole world would be without a single sinner. Obviously this is not so and the world is not with out sin. Removing sin from the world is not easy.

This is why there are so many references to "Are You the Christ" in the Bible and what does this really mean.

In the time of Christ the Romans and their allies were obviously suppressing spirituality and people had to practice in secrecy. A speculation is that the word Christ may have been meant as the name for a significant emanation of Avalokitesvara the perfection of compassion. The Dali Lama is considered by some to be an emanation of Avalokitesvara. In Buddhism an emanation is not exclusive to one individual. Christ would then be lifting many (returning to Heaven) many beings. As Christianity has become one of the worlds most popular religions many people may have return to Heaven through Christ.

If Christ were meant to be an emanation of Avalokitesvara than the Holy Spirit would be Vajrasattva (meditation to purify ones being) and both are in the same direction in the heavenly mandala and in the same ring of beings as the one God where Avalokitesvara is in the next outer ring. As these being in the ring of one God do not directly send emanations, however, Vajrapani does send emanations and can appear as Vajrasattva. Vajrapani wields (pani) the Vajra in spiritual power to benefit all beings. The Holy Spirit is a good summary name for a being who would emanate in this manner as a Holy Spirit.


As the Mideast at the time of Jesus was embroiled in war and occupied, it was extremely difficult to be Christ.

To read Christ backwards does not really make sense, suggesting and impossible goal or situation.

Jesus is another very difficult word to live up to as to bring forth supremacy in others is difficult as one must accomplish liberation first for themselves. Few people are willing to publicly declare themselves as a perfect being. Messengers can help but a good messenger keeps the responsibility on the seeker.


Son and sun are both well used analogies for a messenger. An expression is to love someone as a mother loves her only child. As a male is generally more desired, child is replaced by son.

The Spanish enunciate Jesus as Hesus to express an aspiration.

One can ignore the history of Avalokitesvara and hri and study what others have and do say about this subject. Relative and absolute truth is complex and extremely subtle subjects. One can blindly try and convert others or one can discuss truth with mutual respect.

Another example of expanding hri is Tahrir Square in Egypt, the place of an ongoing revolution. 

To say Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins and accepting Jesus into your heart does have some truth but if these concepts lesson the drive for prayer and meditation to remove sins than these concepts can become a detriment, a common teaching that overemphasizing the power of a teaching can be a detriment that a spiritual leader must then overcome.


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